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D. P. Lubic

Every so often, I run into things that speak a great deal, even if they are from old movies, including comedies.

In this case, it's Donald Sutherland as a character called Oddball in the WW II comedy, "Kelly's Heroes:"

A great message for the Tea Party crowd. . .

D. P. Lubic

Another observation you may find interesting:

D. P. Lubic

Well, I've been following the results, and it looks like you're still stuck with Walker, unless that John Doe case blows him down.

My problem is, I've been seeing disappointments like this for 45 years now in the rail field. I'm tired of them. I'm tired of losing. Proposed a tourist rail service in my state (almost 30 years ago), proposed a light rail line instead of a 4-lane highway where I live ( a bit over 20 years ago, the highway is now open in the face of gasoline between $3 and $5 per gallon), watching the yearly Amtrak battles for the last 40 years, watching the battles going badly for the California high-speed project, watching the efforts in Ohio, Florida, and Wisconsin swept away in spite of ten years or more of work, watching us wait and lose, and wait and loose, and if we gain anything at all, it's piddly stuff, hardly worth the effort put into it.

I'm glad you think your Wisconsin isn't the total war, and I think the rail revival is really needed (look up "peak oil" and "oil demand" to understand why), but considering my own long observation and involvement in this, I wonder if we will be dragged down by these "conservative" types, whom I really consider "corporatists"--and note that I didn't call them "capitalists," there is a difference which I believe you and Julie see.

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