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Ted K.

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Ted K.

There's a link glitch in the last paragraph of the post - s/b :
"The Pedagogy of Trains" (Ch.8's title from the book "The Pedagogy of the 21st Century").

Ted K.

San Francisco, Calif. has used public transit for school access since at least the 1960's for both public and private schools. There have been periods when school buses were used but the costs usually killed off most of them after a few years. I know someone who attended two high schools in 1975 (?) because the second high school was the only one in the city with a certain class.

By the way, why does it have to be two high schools ? Couldn't a high school junior or senior be taking courses at a community college (voc.ed. / adv.placement / college prep.) and thereby get an early start on their career or college education ?

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