What The Far Radical Right Gets, well, Right
Mayor Pete Doesn't Mention Trains

Awful Infrastructure Legislation Coming Soon

Coming up: bi-partisan passage of awful infrastructure legislation that will continue America's downward slide in the world.

Congress is chomping-at-the-bit to pass legislation that will set the country BACK even further behind other advanced nations in the contest for economic prosperity in the 21st century. Harness Racing1

The reason is that the legislation will provide billions for obsolete, pollution-creating, death-producing, slow, highways and roads that prohibit by its very nature (thank goodness) working and being productive.  Oh, and handing down those billions in debt to young generations who want to take trains and light rail. 

Sure, Pres. Biden will get a few dollars in for trains and light rail. But look at the first three priorities noted by a recent Wall Street Journal article, "highways, bridges, roads and public transit."   A road, my wife explained to me, is a small highway, but it's all driving to me.  Get ready for America to move backwards yet again. 

Chomping or champing at the bit is a 100 year old expression for when a horse was restless and wanted to go, either with a wagon or rider.


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