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Awful Infrastructure Legislation Coming Soon

Coming up: bi-partisan passage of awful infrastructure legislation that will continue America's downward slide in the world.

Congress is chomping-at-the-bit to pass legislation that will set the country BACK even further behind other advanced nations in the contest for economic prosperity in the 21st century. Harness Racing1

The reason is that the legislation will provide billions for obsolete, pollution-creating, death-producing, slow, highways and roads that prohibit by its very nature (thank goodness) working and being productive.  Oh, and handing down those billions in debt to young generations who want to take trains and light rail. 

Sure, Pres. Biden will get a few dollars in for trains and light rail. But look at the first three priorities noted by a recent Wall Street Journal article, "highways, bridges, roads and public transit."   A road, my wife explained to me, is a small highway, but it's all driving to me.  Get ready for America to move backwards yet again. 

Chomping or champing at the bit is a 100 year old expression for when a horse was restless and wanted to go, either with a wagon or rider.

What The Far Radical Right Gets, well, Right

Sympathy for the misled young men who stormed the Capitol. Here's why. Boyswalking

They suffer for, and inherently understand, the economic problem today:  few good jobs for high school grads like themselves; gender discrimination by schools and colleges against those young men who are smart enough to attend and graduate from college; and America's failure to create enough college graduates so that high school grads can make a liveable wage.

Here's one poignant story about the Olympic gold medalist rioter whose friends noted, "he's a decent guy" and "it's a cry for help." 

No sympathy for rioting, destroying democracy, their leaders, or all the wrong 'solutions' and misinformation they are being fed. Go ahead and vilify them, but remember you don't have any solutions for their pain. So yeah, sympathy for these young men whose lives were destroyed a long time ago by our anti-male educational system.

Internet For All - - But When?

Will the Internet come to rural areas?   Yes.   When? In the next 20 years.

It's now essential for everyone to learn, and keep learning. It's the Internet.  The LERN Forecast: in the U.S., and probably other advanced countries, the federal government will fund good Internet service to rural areas of the country. It will be completed within the next 20 years, by 2039. Frost in the Forest

100 years ago rural areas had no electricity, until FDR made it happen in the 1930s. Recently the U.S. gov't gave $58 million for good Internet connections to some test rural areas, and one of the recipients to make it happen is the Rural Electrification Agency (REA), the same agency created to provide electricity to rural areas 90 years ago. 

A 93 year old friend remembers the REA guys coming to farm houses, putting a single light wiring in every room, and then asking where the family wanted the radio - - the only device needing electricity. They got one outlet, that was it. That was enough.  If the farmhouse was two stories, they took out all the furniture on the second floor and put it in the farmyard. After doing the second floor, the REA guys left, leaving the family to put back all their furniture, he humorously recalled.   LERN Photo: Frost in the Forest.

About LERN Forecasts

Learning, teaching and education institutions- - including yours- - are going through an entire transformation between now and 2030.  Just like we did 100 years ago. 9shiftCropped (2)

LERN Futurists Julie Coates and William A. Draves accurately predicted the major shifts in society between 2000 and 2020 century in their classic book, Nine Shift. Now they forecast the transformation of learning, teaching and your institution from the factory model to the new model of learning, teaching and delivery of this century.

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