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LERN Forecasts 2022 Gets Rave Reviews

Motivating me for all of 2022. Thanks for these reviews from my LERN Forecasts 2022 session at the big LERN Virtual Conference this month. Pedagogy Book Cover F

"It's like sitting around a fire outside and he is telling historical stories on education past and how it applies towards the year 2030 through predictions. 

"He has poise and truth in his vision of tomorrow's educational future."

"I took this session as soon as I realized William Draves was presenting. The session didn't disappoint!" 

Surprise: Debt Linked to Poor Health

"The stress of carrying card debt through adulthood is linked to poor health," says a NYTimes story (by Ann Carrns) reporting on research led by Dr. Adrianne Frech, a medical sociologist and associate professor at the University of Missouri School of Health Professions. Adrianne Frech

Such great hypocrisy in a university studying the effect of credit card debt while ignoring the stress and negative health effects of its own generated student debt.   Student debt is almost twice more than credit card debt. Student debt is the fastest growing debt among Americans. Dr. Frech was very nice to respond to my inquiry about  student debt with an insightful observation. In my words, that students not given the opportunity to complete are likely to have much more stress from student debt than those students who are given the opportunity to graduate.  Photo: Dr. Frech