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2022 Prediction #1 THE COMEBACK IS ON !

Top Story of the Year

Employers across North America are grappling with forcing workers back to the office.
The issue has now hit your institution.
It's the #1 Top Story of the Year 2021 in lifelong learning. 

It doesn't matter what your boss says, or did.
1.People who work from home are 25% more productive than people who work in an office.
2.Younger generations will continue to want to work from home.
3.Taxpayers will eventually not want to spend 25% more in taxes to support you being less productive in an office, plus paying for all that wasted space and pollution.

Work from home-or-office is not a short term issue.
It's going to be here long after your boss is gone.
Thanks for your work and contributions to your community in 2021. 


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