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January 2022

The Future of Technology

Just saw the headline by a "futurist" with the Washington Post predicting the end of smart phones. 
To be clear, there will be only 1-2 significant technology inventions for the rest of the century.
Just like the last century. Tele-immersion UNC

The last big tech change was around 2011.
The last big tech change in the last century was around 1911.  
(The late additions: television - - although they say its concept was created by 1920 - - and the atom bomb, if you consider that a benefit to humanity)

Tele-immersion, or holograms, which I heard about from a tech pioneer about 20 years ago, probably coming.
Everything else will likely be an extension of the World Wide Web.  Image: early mock up of tele-immersion at the Univ. of North Carolina.


By engaging in providing education and content, for-profit multinational corporations now pose a major threat to the mission of the field, and to higher education as a whole. Julie Mustache

No one's against for-profits - - I get on airplanes, subscribe to Netflix, even buy food from for-profits. 

But only nonprofits can serve all of society.  Even, or especially, if you are a rich business owner, you need skilled workers to be profitable. You need highways.  You need clean air.  And someday even you for-profit guy will want social security and medicare.

More on this top story of the year for the field later.  Photo: My nonprofiteering co-author trying to pass as a for-profit guy.

How Cars = Cigarettes

France just passed a law requiring auto ads to carry a message encouraging the French to bike, walk, take the subway, ride the train, or just travel less. Trafficbangkok

The hashtag, in English #MovePolluteLess. Here's the story. Just like the U.S. made cigarette companies post health warnings on cigarette packages. 

Think electric cars are the answer?  Think again.  Famed columnist Hedrick Smith of the NY Times 20 years outlined all the mercury and other planet-killing chemicals that fall off your car every time you drive.  And then there's the asphalt and pavement, now covering in the U.S. every square inch of the state of Georgia.  The oil draining into our rivers and lakes just from the roads kills the wildlife - - including human life.  The answer: Greta Thunberg and the rest of the world know the answer is trains.  

2022 Prediction #1 THE COMEBACK IS ON !


The comeback in registrations, learners, teachers and excitement will continue to grow throughout 2022. IStock-1090215624

And Live Online/Zoom classes will join In-Person classes to become a permanent delivery method. Still undecided: will the hybrid format join In-Person and Live Online as a delivery format.  Hybrid = in-person class meetings supplemented throughout the rest of the week with online resources, best delivered with an online classroom for students.