New from LERN in 2022: Part I

The Future of Technology

Just saw the headline by a "futurist" with the Washington Post predicting the end of smart phones. 
To be clear, there will be only 1-2 significant technology inventions for the rest of the century.
Just like the last century. Tele-immersion UNC

The last big tech change was around 2011.
The last big tech change in the last century was around 1911.  
(The late additions: television - - although they say its concept was created by 1920 - - and the atom bomb, if you consider that a benefit to humanity)

Tele-immersion, or holograms, which I heard about from a tech pioneer about 20 years ago, probably coming.
Everything else will likely be an extension of the World Wide Web.  Image: early mock up of tele-immersion at the Univ. of North Carolina.


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