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February 2022

New from LERN in 2022: Part III

  You asked for our third new research project. It came from your questions and comments in our hugely successful webinar on Good Home Page Design for lifelong learning and continuing education programs last week.

  We will initiate a research project on the most important metrics for your program to look at in terms of visits to your program's own landing or home page. 

  There's lots of metrics available. And there's metrics for other industries, but not for our field. 
And the top experts in analytics say that there's no one common set of metrics to analyze across industries. You need to find out what is most important for your own organization.

  Enter LERN.  We will find out the most important metrics.  And then we will find out what the most successful program's metrics are. And then we will tell you.  Thanks to Brenda Mellon of Cumberland College up in Melfort, SK, Canada for telling me that winter skies up north are so beautiful - - they are. 

Sunset Feb 8
Another colorful February 2022 winter sunset on the lake.  LERN staff photo.


New from LERN in 2022: Part II

"Marketing is shifting," reports LERN Vice President Travette Webster.  She points to the enormous interest and response to our initial survey of LERN leaders as to the percentage of income you are now spending on marketing and promotion. 

Coming up:
-New survey results on marketing and promotion budgets for lifelong learning and continuing education programs.
-New research on how marketing is shifting, new trends, new success; and of course what's still working.

After the snow  sun2

A sunny day in the woods up north. LERN staff photo.


New from LERN in 2022: Part I

Benchmarks for Live Online and High Flex classes. 

Live Online is here to stay. And it should be here to stay.
It is one central way to expand and grow and stay relevant.

Successful programs are finding Live Online classes:
-Reach new people not able to attend in-person classes.
-Allow existing learners a choice if they are unable (weather, late work, family, etc.) to attend a given class.
-Expanded geography.  A way to generate registrations and participation over a much wider geographic area. 

SO, one of the new things LERN will do this year is to work with those successful programs to develop the first set of Live Online class benchmarks.  One big question:  what percentage of your product/class mix should include a Live Online option?  

It's exciting. 

Sunset Feb 4 2022
Sunset on our lake last week.