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Katie Millwr

My son only got his permit because we made him. He is almost 16 and has no interest in driving. We do not live in the city where public transportation is an option. Part of growing up is being responsible for for yourself. I told him that he needs to get his license because I will not continue to drive him to after school functions and sports that he wants to participate in. The whole generation is just lazy. They do not want to drive because that would require them to get a job and do something for themselves outside of the house. It is easy to stay home and play video games. How are they going to be functional parts of society when they leave home if none of this has ever been required of them. Lets face is not our job as parents to be their friend and continue to hold their hand through life. It is our job to teach them the necessary things so they can grow up, leave home and contribute to the world. All I see are a bunch of "grown ups" who think the world should continue to hold their hand or carry them through life. It is all a means to an end. At 18 your child should be able to leave home and be some what functional. If they can not do that then we, as parents, have failed our children and the society we have set them out in. ....and it starts with things as simple as getting your drivers license at tbe age you should and not when you decide you finally want to get off your butt and put some effort into somerhing.


Okey, I'm 19 and I don't know how to drive. How dare you call be irresponsible, I work 30 hours to pay for my college, I keep a good standing average, and I use a bike to do all of this. Are you really calling this generation irresponsible because they don't want to get machines that both harm our environment, has caused many international crisis with the middle east and robs us of a couple of a hundred dollars per month. For what, so we could be called responsible by a generation that could wait to grow up and tell others to do so


I resent the fact that people are saying not wanting to drive implies a lack of responsibility. I have two kids and a great job, and I simply don't drive. I've never had a permit and I never wanted one. Honestly, the thought of driving gives me anxiety. To everyone saying they're afraid they'll hurt someone, your fears aren't unwarranted. I was hit by an idiot when I was a teenager. I have absolutely ZERO motivation to ever learn to drive, and it's always pissed me off when people said I needed to just "get it over with" or that I just "had" to. Um, excuse me? No, I don't "have to" anything. Why, because YOU want me to? Because YOU "had to"? My mom didn't drive until she was in her 30's and had three kids. She grew up in the city and never had to. I bought my own car in full a while ago with my settlement money (funny how that works) so that my husband could drive us. (at the time we were 18) I don't want to drive. I don't look at a car and see freedom and responsibilty, not one iota. All I see is the fear and anxiety that driving brings. I don't know where you people get off, but seriously. Different strokes. It has nothing to do with laziness and babying and it has everything to do with one's own INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITY, ATTITUDES, and EXPERIENCES. My younger brother absolutely could not WAIT to drive. He's 17 now and constantly working on the car and, according to my dad, racking up all sorts of tickets. You simply can't force someone to drive if they truly don't want to.

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My son can get his license in 2 months. Just told me he doesn't want to because it is too much responsibility. Fine, he is getting a bus pass for his birthday. Just because he doesn't want added responsibility should not mean I have to continue to drive him where he wants/ needs to go. He has finished driver's ed, has been practicing for a year. He is a competent young driver. I will not force him to drive but on his birthday However, I will no longer take responsibility for his transportation.


I have a 30 year stepson that dont want to learn how to drive he rather have his mom take him to work and the store. I just want to no one thing whats he going to do when moms not around any more.I think by driveing them everwere you are doing more harm then good. you are not making them Independent.


I'm 20 yrs old and just got my learner's permit about a month and a half ago, been too terrified to drive since I turned 15- I dont have such a good memory and my attention span is that of a freakin knat. I'm looking to start taking lessons in a few weeks to a month and am looking forward to it just because driving yourself means freedom plus all my friends have thier licenses, even my 16 year old cousin, just got her license a week ago and I wanted to slap myself. I want to drive with every breath I inhaul but at the same time, I'm absolultly terrified.


i am a 31 yr old male, from my 18th birthday till i was 30 yrs old i didnt want a drivers licence or a car because the public transport systems in the country where i lived were good and i didnt need a car to get anywhere, now that i live in another country i came to realize that you need to get a car here to get to places. the point is in some places you need a car and in some places you dont need a car... if your children dont want to drive just give them incentives and talk with them about the benefits of a drivers licence not a car, they will have the option to drive or not. that just having a drivers licence gives them more chances at work then not having a drivers licence. the CAR is just optional...

William Draves

Justus, thanks so much for telling us about your experience and thoughts! We agree with you that cars might be a necessity now, but we are hoping you will be able to ride trains soon (you can take your bike on a train). Good luck to you.


I'm 15, finished Behind the Wheel and driving is rather comfortable to me. But really, when I think of a car, I think of fat people sorry. I prefer to walk, run, bike, etc. How I view driving is that it is a necessity, not a need. I have been wondering what life would be like if inventions never took out the fun, mystery, and adventure of the world. I just want to live in an interesting world (sorry but a world full of technology is not an interesting world, neither seeing buildings everywhere) with natural dangers. There is a reason they're called luxuries and not needs.


Somewhat off topic, but regarding teens not working since many have brought it up... I can't speak for all teens out there and their motivations for not working, but I have discouraged mine from working. At this point in his life, being unskilled, he'd just be "working for the man," in retail more than likely, earning some CEO billions while he works for minimum wage and foreign workers work for even less and with deplorable hours and conditions in order to produce stock the store.

But, more to the point: School is his work. This is very important! Now is the time to foster skills and interests and a love of learning beyond the 3 Rs. Throw a job in that, and of course that alluring paycheck.. it's all over. It becomes the rat race 'til death.

Just my 2 cents


Very interesting! I had wondered, based on my son and his friends, if there was a larger trend going on and it seems to be the case!

Honestly, I like the change. We need less cars on the roads for one thing. We need more mature drivers for another. And honestly, here in Tucson, there are fatal accidents in this town nearly every day.

When my son turned 16, I gave him books to study to get his permit. He wasn't terribly interested and didn't study. I decided, given that this is a serious responsibility, I would not force the issue.

Nearly 4 years later he's approaching his 20th. He and I just yesterday were discussing him getting his permit soon, especially for the practice for the day he gets behind the wheel on his own. We both know it's time, and I think he's very interested in the extra freedom it will give him-- but as long as he has a ride to where he needs and wants to go, he's 99% content.

I think this is the point: transportation is transportation. Somehow these young men are resisting the false necessity of their own wheels.
My husband, of course, doesn't understand it one bit. When he was 16 he couldn't wait to get his license. I was the same. But in this instant gratification, me me me world, I find this a pleasant change from the norm :)

Vannessa Gabbett

Maybe some of them would prefer to do things other than driving. Hehe! Or in time, they might realize the advantages of driving in their work, or when they have their own family.

Vannessa Gabbett

Maybe some of them would prefer to do things other than driving. Hehe! Or in time, they might realize the advantages of driving in their work, or when they have their own family.


As a 15-year old boy who lives in a suburban area near DC, I agree with Alan about why driving should not be so common.
In my opinion, cars are similar to boats and other large transportation machines. Why should I feel obliged to learn to operate one of these machines?
The use of cars for transportation in this area causes problems of traffic, parking, fuel, as well as the difficulty of driving.

These days, so many teens will drive stupidly (drunk driving, texting while driving, distracted driving) and one of the greatest causes of death is from car accidents.
It is difficult to ride a bike while distracted for any length of time. you won't even be able to get on the bike if you're drunk. Bikes are more dangerous, of course, but for some reason car drivers seem to lack more common sense.

And to meet the point about the "freedom from driving", it is more like the "rage of traffic" these days. On the other hand, from the age of 10 I am able to go places on my bike, my bike gives me freedom.


Oh, one thing I forgot to mention - Responsibility. Will someone please explain to me how not wanting to waste money implies a lack of responsibility?

I'm sorry, but that is just ridiculous. My priorities deal with keeping good grades. It's almost the end of my junior year of high school, and I'm currently tied for valedictorian, first in my class. I got a 30 on the ACT. I've recently gotten the opportunity for a summer program that will, essentially, make almost any college in the state let me attend for free. Do you really think I could manage that if I was wasting time at a job I don't like to pay for something I don't want or need?

People, I hope you realize that reactionaries have always been looked as insane in later generations. Your generation is going to the laughingstock of your grandchildren's generation.


I'm 16 (I'll be 17 in less than a week.). Not only do I not have my permit (which I could've gotten when I turned 16), but I have no intention of ever getting it.

Now, to debunk some rumors - I live in a rural area, so traffic's not it, and I'm not scared of driving. I also don't rely on a system of friends to take me places - I genuinely have nowhere that I would like to go. On the rare occasion that I do want to go somewhere, I can just get my parents to drive me. Why would I waste my money by getting a car (thereby forcing me to get a job), when I would use it about once every two or three months? You think I'm the weird one?


Look I'm 17, driving terrifies me because of all the idiots who are out there, my driving friend didn't help when the first time I rode with him when he got his liscense he frikin wrecked...also for environmental reasons, I don't ask parents for rides, I ask friends, chip in for gas and besides yeah I'd get a job to PAY OFF THE CAR...I wanna get crap with my money not be able to drive just to go places and say hey look what I COULD buy. Besides, I'm not mr popular and quite socially awkward so where the he'll could I go???


I'm a 25 year old woman, and my view on men not wanting to drive in my city is actually became a factor in who I date. I think that a man should be responsible enough to drive his girlfriend around instead of making her take a bus or drive her and him to a date. It is in my opinion poor form of any man or teenage boy that's trying to find a girlfriend to not drive. I don't want to be sitting on a bus for 3 hours to get to a spot to go on a date with a guy, or drive him around the city because he's too lazy to get his licence to drive.

This is just speaking from personal opinion and part of how I was raised. I was raised where it's one of the things a guy needs in order to take care of a woman and family. It's also another thing that a woman drives when the man isn't able to.

"for me, a license was a Milestone of adulthood. Kids today are NOT motivated. I believe they are afraid to become adults because adulthood means RESPONSIBILITY and STRESS - it is plain FEAR." - I agree with this Carrie, it was a milestone for me too when I turned 16. I got mine and I don't regret it one bit.

But I thought I'd throw an angle out there that the parents can use for their kids if they are having troubles convincing them to get their licences.


its fuckin scary alright. I'm sorry adults if you feel that we've offended you by not driving expensive death traps. The traffic is crazy and the insurance cost would mean we cant pay our college education. and yes we are the generation that pays for our own college edu because the economy is so bad our parents cant afford it, sometimes we support them too. Spending 800 dollars on something that could potentially kill me isnt appealing. We do not need freedom because we have already achieved it through the internet.


I'm a 16 year old male who lives in a rural environment, and I'm not interested in driving at all. The complicated hulking machinary that is the modern automobile is confusing and unattractive to me. How can you trust your life to strangers speeding past you on such a tempramental machine? I will get a motorbike before I get a car. At least that is more maneuverable and more user-friendly than a car (hands instead of feet).

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I do hope the awareness to the environment go in to their heads, plus the awareness of the responsibility of driving! I got my license when I was 20 (please don't laugh) and didn't really use it till I was about 25. I prefer my bicycle :)

Owen Eden

I WAS going to learn to drive come hell or high water. I badgered EVERYBODY to teach me how to drive and regretfully was hell on my parents. I even took my Dad's car out of the garage once while he was away. I almost applaud kids who are not in a hurry to get their driver's license. In an odd way, they are showing a very laid back side to themselves that is not always bad. YOU might see them as couch potatoes but I see them as mild, agreeable, and easy to get along with teenagers. BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE.


My boyfriend is 24 years old and he STILL doesn't have a license. I am 20 years old and working on mine and I am very motivated...but he isn't. And it's not until recently I didn't want to be the only one driving us around. He is really unmotivated and I don't get why because when he was 17 his parents bought him a car that's just sitting in his drive way...and now his older brother is going to use it! I think the best was whenn we all had to go to a party and his younger brother was driving US there! I think it's really embarassing. I am saving up for a car and working my ass off, while he's procrastinating in La-La land about getting his license. It's really annoying because we live in the suburbs, so we need a car to see eachother. (Though we both live by the trainstation). It's just a pain in the ass because I feel he is at the point of his life (almost 25) where he should be working his ass off for the future. I am, why can't he? He's not a total loser, he is a college grad and he has a very good job he just is lazy about this. And i don't get it!


All the "adults" on here who are saying kids who don't want to drive are irresponsible, immature, and lazy, be quiet. I am 16 and I don't want to drive for many reasons, none of them being the above mentioned. I honestly don't like the idea of driving at all. First off, driving is incredibly dangerous, and I don't like danger. It's much safer to walk or ride a bike where you want to go. Second, even if I had to take a car somewhere, I would prefer public transportation because it is safer on the environment, and there isn't as much stress and tension as there would be driving a car. I would probably trust someone who drives to make a living than trust myself with driving. Cars are expensive and dangerous and I would rather not be driving one.


They do want to drive, but some don't know it! Most boys love cars, but depending on the amount of exposure to them are intimidated by them. The modern world is very hermetically sealed compared to their father's experiences.

I would take your son and daughter to an auto race, a museum with old cars or local car show. Not every boy will love cars, but they will feel more familiar with them.


Im a 23 year old male and don't have my dl , I hate driving. I don't like the task, and I don't like the risk that driving creates. My goal is to move to a larger city where I can preferably walk, but public transit if I must.


You people. Just because we don't wan't to drive doesn't make us irresponsible and lazy. I'm a 16 year old boy that would drive if I was a HALFWAY DECENT DRIVER! The truth is that I would rather have a taxi pick me up or carpool with someone because then I know that me and the people around me will be safe. I don't like driving because I hate knowing that if I do something wrong I could kill me, my friends, my family, or someone else. I tend to crack under pressure so when I think about how easy it is to kill someone while driving I forget the general rules of the road. I don't wan't to be responsible for someones death and if I have to take a bus or carpool to be safe than I will. Cars are not something that you can just pick up and drive safely. I don't think I will ever think of myself as a safe enough driver to let someone I truly care about into a car with me. If you people had such a pick up and go mentality with cars I'm shockingly surprised more of you are not dead.


I find this whole conversation a RESULT of today's society, child rearing choices,and the family structure as a whole.
As a divorced mom (since my son was two) of a successful 20 year old college sophomore...mind you he works hard for his grades and utilizes the resources of a tutor, when necessary for advanced studies.
My boyfriend is going thru the same lack of INTEREST and MOTIVATION with his almost (next month ) 18 year old son. I read and take in all the opinions, but strongly feel it is a result of earlier parenting and/or family choices that are well inbreed into the family AND decision making today, as well as reinforced by the continued lack of parenting skills or knowledge. NOTE! I do not say lack of LOVE, but rather lack of parenting skills or knowledge. 1.) I see a marked LACK OF MATURITY in adolescents that make choices of this sort. Is this the result lack of parental guidance during more formative years?! 2.) Next I see an underdeveloped sense of RESPONSIBILITY on the teenager's part...have the parents allowed MANIPULATION AND BOUNDARY ISSUES?! that allow these adolescents to choose not to take on responsibility today? and my final of the top 3.) is MOTIVATION...have these kids participated in the necessary maintenance and earning of privileges and pleasure items?! ie: have they ever been required to rake the lawn, guided (by adult parents)to learn skills to assist in painting the house, maintaining the pool etc, for fun and pride in the family possessions?! My personal opinion is...if the parents of these adolescents don't read/learn/obtain skills to turn around the destructive decision making of this group of young adults...THEY WILL NOT BE INDEPENDENT OR SUCCESSFUL in today's world or yesterday's world either! These are BASIC SKILLS people, something has to change and it has to COME FROM YOU AS THE PARENT FIRST! Or these kids will be MONKEYS ON YOUR BACK and the back of SOCIETY for years well into the future! You cant change the actions of your "ex" or "teen", at this point they have "pre-formed" behaviors and attitudes. WHAT YOU CAN CHANGE IS YOURSELF and how you RELATE with them to PROMOTE healthy learning of responsibility, motivation and all the above mentioned. Change can happen, although harder at this stage, forget your ego, or lack of knowledge....FIND IT TODAY AND MOVE TOWARD A MORE POSITIVE OUTCOME!!!!! Start by reading the book "Boundaries" to take charge of your life and make positive decisions (or something like that.) Written by two PHD's I think one name is Dr.Snow....I don't have the book handy to look up the specifics...I'm sure if you google it you will find the information. These kids need to learn delayed gratification, personal responsibility, self-control in addition to the host of issues mentioned in above responses. We are not here SOLELY to love and make comfy living quarters for them , we are here to TEACH THEM to make choices and take actions that will assist in their own INDEPENDENT, SUCCESSFUL ADULTHOOD!!! It's work, but isn't that what we signed up for when we CHOSE to become parents? All the beautiful and beneficial moments of parenthood are multiplied when we properly (or learn to properly) do OUR JOB as parents!!!! GOOD LUCK, work hard and anything is possible!


I'm a 25 year old male and still have not learned how to drive nor have made any attempts to get my license. It's not that I'm too lazy or that whenever I need to go somewhere I ask everyone I know for a ride till I find one, it's that I'm terrified. I live in Southern California where the traffic can get really bad and so many people do stupid things that can cause an accident. It's also a money thing, but I could live with that over being scared of driving. There are all kinds of transportation we can use to get us around and we don't really have to have our own. I believe you can still live a full and exciting life without ever learning how to drive. Sure it gives you more freedom and teaches you responsibility, but so do a lot of other things.


I would be embarrassed if my "mommy" had to drive me to work at the age of 18 !!!! Our generation grew up much, much, much faster. People all drove as teens, had way more responsibility, had JOBS, finished up college by age 22 so we could get out into the adult world and work and save to buy our own houses. Now? Kids stay in college for more years, often living at home rent-free with Mommy and Daddy until they are in their 30's. Our generation often married much younger than teens NOW would ever dream of getting "married" - - another mark of adulthood.
They want the "good life" a luxury apt instead of living with 2 room mates. They want a nice new car. They would rather live w/ mom and dad than move out on their own with a junky car and a crappy apt with 2 room mates sharing.
They get to live in a big, nice house, have mommy and daddy drive them anywhere, eat for free, have mommy do their laundry..... sigh. A shame. What are we raising? Children that never grow up?

B Man

My son turned 18 and still cannot, or will not pass his drivers test. We are going through a bitter divorce and I have no contact with him. The last time I spoke to him I asked him about getting a job. He said that he can't get a job because Mommy can't drive him to work. Bad enough that she has to drive him to college. It seems that this is all an elaborate excuse for my ex-wife not to get a job (she has to drive him around) and my son not to get a job (he can't drive to work). This is all amazing for me since I ran out to get my license and drive. Oh well.


I am a 49 year old mom to a 14-yr old teen boy who cannot wait to drive. I don't always make it so easy for him now. When he gets a job, he's going to have to go back and forth himself in the rain and cold and wind on his bike or walk, as both I and his father work full time jobs, and I work a 2nd job. If he wants to visit friends, same thing. He WANTS to learn to drive.

If parents continue to baby their young adults and drive them everywhere, why should they learn to drive? Overall, young adults nowadays do not want responsibility. Parents make life all too easy for them. Heck, I paid rent to my parents on my 18th birthday!! AND paid my own medical insurance, car insurance, purchased my own clothes. etc.
Yes, cars ARE expensive. Teens need to realize a junky used car will be their first car. They need to work, save, and learn to drive even if they don't have the money for their OWN car right away.

for me, a license was a Milestone of adulthood. Kids today are NOT motivated. I believe they are afraid to become adults because adulthood means RESPONSIBILITY and STRESS - it is plain FEAR.


I would just like to throw my hat in the ring as well.

I am a 19 year old male with a driver's permit. I had practiced driving for about six months and actually had to go see a psychiatrist during these months for panic attacks and anxiety. Once I stopped driving, all of my anxieties dissipated by the beginning of this new year.

I understand the current need for cars in my state (Florida), but I personally do not like driving in any aspect of the matter. I personally would prefer a public transportation system that worked, but I know that just won't happen in my state.

In general, I find cars to be a burden that costs too much and are too great a strain on our environment.

I hope that this is a greater demographic than I originally thought. If there is a great number of young people who do not wish to drive, we will all be able to demand cleaner and safer public transportation that will give us new opportunities and new destinations.

Andreas Schaertl

I found this article on Google and guess what - I'm exactly the same.

About the same age and I hate driving. It requires full attention and is dangerous as opposed to using public transportation where I can just relax in my chair.

Not to mention that those machines smell, I hate it when cars passing by make me cough.


im 21 years old and have a permit. When i look at cars, i do not see freedom, i see a very expensive screaming metal death trap that will be a danger to me and everyone around me.
i live in the country. When im not in collage and if i need to go into town for friends or work, i ride a bike. In my mind, cars are a wasteful execs of materiel that i frankly don't need.
And don't give me this "no responsibility" nonsense.
I payed for my oun collage, both years, by my self. Over the summer i work 10 hour days and in collage i constantly get good grades.
I was an exchange student in Taiwan when i was 18, and i was spoiled with a truly amazing public transportation system. For the equivalent of 5 american dollars, i could go city hoping on trains and busses every hour, on the hour.
So im sorry if my generation dose not have the same priories as yours. We all must be incredibly foolish to NOT do exactly what the generation that fought in 3 wars, ruined the economy, environment, and lived in a constant state of excess wail the rest of the world starves did.


Reading these posts makes me feel better and worse at the same time. My 16 (almost 17) yr old son has no interest in driving. We bought him a car, it's just sitting there in the driveway rotting. I feel better that I am not the only parent dealing with the inconvenience of having to "baby" my kid who should, IMO, WANT some responsibility at his age. I feel worse, because I think the cultural shifts over the last 20-30 years are turning our kids into a generation of dependants. Where is our culture going? Socialism for sure. Who will be the next generation of entrepreneurs, inventors, and the like? Not these kids.


I am sitting here with my twin sons, 20 years old now, who still don't want to drive. They've had their permits, but they ran out. Now they need to renew them before the year gap is up in November, or have to take the written test again. I'm trying to convince them to just go do this and get it over with, but they honestly don't want to at all. They never ask for help, or to be taken anywhere, or to be bought "stuff". They just want to be home, working on their art, or writing their books, or reading and learning whatever they can each day. I admire them so much, and yet I just want to scream and say "why can't you be like regular people?"
So now I've read this blog, and I think, what is "regular" anyway? This past century of the industrial age has turned the human race into something it was never intended to be, a vague shadow of people from the past. Maybe that's what our kids are showing us, true humanity focused on the gifts of life as it was intended, and not the road to nowhere.


I've just turned 18 and I've had my permit for two years. I do not feel adequate enough to be on the road. I'm comfortable driving, but the thought of being on my own or making a snap decision scares me. Frankly, I think the urge to drive from peers is just stupid; I would rather wait until I'm ready than get my license just because "I'm supposed to." I'm getting sick of my parents driving me around everywhere, so I suppose I have to get one.

But driving is a need, not a joy, for me. The culture is just different than it was 30 years ago. If you enjoy driving and all that freedom, good for you; but I'd far rather be prepared to handle driving than being "free."

I personally believe the age for a permit should be 16, and the minimum age for a license should be 18. Most of my friends I could not imagine driving; you shouldn't be allowed to until you have *some* semblance of experience. 50 hours means nothing.


I think kids are just afraid to drive!!! If u look at rural areas(areas w/less traffic) u will find most of those teens drive. In areas w/higher volumes of traffic u will see a general lack of motivation to drive. Teens hate to admit fear, and will find a thousand other reasons before they admit there fears.


Just wanted to throw my 1.5 cents in...

I'm 28 and obviously way past my teen years. I've never owned a car, and I don't see myself ever owning one. I very much prefer bicycles, motorcycles or walking.

Easy to do in the city (Toronto).

For me it's about social and environmental reasons why I dislike cars so much.

I get sick to my stomach when I hear someone sincerely say "But it'll give you freedom" or "But you need to get one!".

The only positive thing that I see occuring with cars is that they do indeed invoke responsibility. You have to make payments, you have to sign papers, you have to take tests, you have to maintain, you have to make decisions ("buy this or that?"). But who is to say you can create responsibilities elsewhere? Why do you need to support hulking road beasts to achieve this. I think the negatives of supporting cars outweigh the positions. There's just too much negative environmental and social impact.

Cagers... you are SUPPOSED to feel the wind and rain. Enjoy getting dirty on your bicycle, it's a pleasure! You're living in an air-conditioned dream land.


I'm 20 and I just got my permit. My best friend is also 20 and he doesn't drive. His older brother is 22 and he just got his license 2 months ago. I know several 17, 18, 19 year olds who do not drive.

It's definitely not uncommon nowadays.


I kid couldn't wait to drive, drives everywhere and drives me nuts..


I'm about to turn 15 in a few weeks and I don't want to drive at all. I don't want to take driver's ed or anything. I have no where to go, it's true what y'all were saying about text messaging and stuff. There is no reason to drive. I can talk to everyone through texting over the summer and at school during the school year. There is no excitement in driving to me. Both of my parents want me to drive but I'd rather wait until I'm 17 and get my license when I'm 18 like Michael said.


I just turned 15 and my parents are making me get my permit. I think the driving age should go to 17 for a permit and 18 for a license (so I don't have to get one). I hope the test is hard... I even told my parents that my not driving would save them money... it didn't work.


I'm a 16 year old girl and i don't want to drive. I don't have anywhere to go and if i drive a car my parents will make me pay for the gas (which is fair) and i don't really want to get a job. Even if i drove and had a job most of the money would have to go to gas so there wouldn't be much left to go out with.
Only one of my friends wants to drive and she only wants to to get out of the house. My sister also scared me because she said that when you are driving you have to trust that everyone else isn't drunk, high, tired, or just insane. I'm not a very trusting person.

Wm Draves

Kimber, your son's lack of interest in driving is not bad. He's not bad. He is ahead of his time - - waiting for trains and light rail - - just like millions of other boys.

What my wife did with our oldest son was to encourage him to get a motorbike. This worked. Try it with your son.


WE have a 20 year old son soon to be 21 this November. He has a full time job now and hopefully will go back to college after summer. His grandparents gave him a car that keeps on sitting in our driveway. He does not have his licence. He has a permit.
He failed twice at the DMV. He is not motivated at all.
We take him everywere. He only goes to work(Grave Yard hours) and stays in his room the rest of the time playing video games, online do whatever. We ask him if he wants to drive and he says, "I Guess, I don't know". This makes us so mad. It is such a inconvience on us to take him to work and pick him up. What should we do? I told him before summer he needs to drive becauce we will be gone and his grandparents work.
I think we are making this to easy for him not to want to drive. When we make him drive to get in some practice time. He scares us. Maybe he's not ready so he should ride a bike or take a bus. The only thing is that Buses don't run late at night. We are about 6 miles away from his work which is a total of 15 mins each way. He does not pay for gas as well. Maybe he should call a taxi and find out the real cost to get back and forth from work and maybe he will try a little harder to get his licence. Any suggestions would be great. We are so frustrated with him. Or soon to be 14 year old daughter wants to drive and is always bothering us and begging us for her to drive. She is very social and love to shop and babysit. She is Miss. Independent.


This is definitely a trend. I think it must be what Virginia states especially for boys... my son has a cell phone, he IMs, he plays online games with his friends... it just isn't a priority and there is no real reason to go anywhere. Home is much more fun then when I was a kid.

My daughter was different. A car meant she could go shopping anytime she wanted and she could go babysit and make money to support her car.

does anyone else see a difference between the boys and the girls?

Virginia Carrig

When we were teens we needed wheels to see our friends after school and on weekends. Todays young people are constantly in contact via cell phones and the Internet. They may not crave that face to face connection.


Driving a car is a tremendous amount of responsibility and the costs have become astromonical. My 20-something sons complain constantly about high gasoline prices, exorbitant insurance premiums, maintenance and repairs and insensitive and careless drivers. It's far more economical for kids to ride around together and chip in a few bucks for gas once in a while than shoulder the responsiblity of owning or driving a car.
Also, teenagers today do not have the same sense of responsibility that we had when we were there age. Many do not work because mom and dad can support them or give them hefty allowances. My guys worked from the time they turned 16 if they wanted to drive and we expected them to pay for half their insurance. Kids today want no part of that.

Gemi Powell

This is amazing. My son did not get his license until he was 18 and now at almost 20 he doesn't drive unless I force him.

He has a car waiting for him but will not make the phone call to pick it up. It's hard to understand. a driver's license meant freedom for us it was a coming of age. Now it's not worth the effort.

He says the longer he waits the less likely he is to become a statistic and besides he has spent far too much of his life in a car already. Always running to the next activity.


Mary Green's comment is promising news. The new generation is no longer blinded by the marketing hype and ideology pushed down our throats since the 1950s regarding personal automobiles. Maybe they see through that and know, as community-aware activists always have, that personal automobiles are actually very alienating and community-destroying factors in industrial society. Let's move on to modern, post-industrial society!

Randy W

I agree, our daughter had no desire to get a license. She finally did, when we made her, at age 17, just before her 18th birthday.

She has stated that she wants to live in a city, close to where she works, and doesn't need a car or have the need to drive. Right of of Nine Shift.

Diane White

I have three sons and so far none of them has rushed to get their license. Our 19 year old got his but doesn't want to drive. Our 18 year old hasn't had his a year, and our youngest turns 16 in July and hasn't been motivated yet to even get his permit. I'm not sure why, but their peer groups seem to be more community oriented,and they rely on each other a lot for rides, etc.

Mary Green

It's true! My nephew is 21 and his car has been in need of a $70 repair for over 6 months, and his dad even offered to install the part if Jereme would buy it. Not! He'd rather hitch a ride with a friend or have his sister drive him wherever he needs to go. I find it very strange, but it seems to fit with what you heard on the plane!

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