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How many calories are in Coke Zero?

Quick Question: how many calories are in Coke Zero?

If you answered zero, go to Question 2:  how many calories are in Pepsi One? If you answer one, you are wrong.  Nancy, a friend and colleague of mine, told me her son did a college project to find out how many calories are actually in soda.  Pepsi One, it turns out, has something like 28 calories. Pepsi One pays a little fine every year to the Food & Drug Administration for lying about its calorie count, because it is much more profitable to pay the fine every year than change the calories.

Which brings me to the lesson of this post: corporate credibility is under attack, at least from Generation Y, which doesn't believe corporate ads at all.  It could just be youthful scepticism. When I was young my scepticism began when I was told we couldn't protest Dow Chemical (maker of napalm) at our college because they provided all the scholarships for the African-American students.

Or it could be change in direction.  What do you think? (and tell us how many calories are in Coke Zero) : :


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According to Wikipedia, "Contrary to popular belief, Coca-Cola Zero is not a zero-calorie drink, containing 0.5kcal per 100ml. The "Zero" in the product's name is to say that the product has zero sugar." Other sites claimed zero calories.

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