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I was in the Cell phone Department today looking for an external charger for my cell phone battery (my phone no longer takes a charge internally). I found Hector and asked if Best Buy carried this product. He told me no, but instead of sending me away disappointed, he recommended me to try batteries plus. He even looked up the closest location, and remembering I do not have a phone, found me directions!

Parking In San Francisco

I was stopped in front of a building where you are not to park and received ticket. Rediculous!

phoenix sky harbor parking

They have discovered (yes, it's true) that telecommuters are more productive than office workers.

Kris Diener

Our virtual school (iQ Academies at Wisconsin) has sent our teachers home to work and found a lot of benefits. The teachers love the flexibility, are more apt to use former commuting time (and more) to work with students, and they aren't spending money on gas. In addition, we can spend our budget to provide curriculum, teachers, and equipment to students rather than spending it on maintaining a physical work space filled cubicles filled with teachers.

Suzanne Kart

It would make sense that a company that was a pioneer during the industrial age may have a hard time letting go.

I'm sure this tactic will make it REALLY hard for Ford to attract Gen X and Gen Y employees. But growing up in Dearborn, MI (where Ford World Headquarters is located), I doubt they even care. All my friends' dads worked at Ford, but none of my friends "from the old neighborhood" do. I can't think of a single person I know under age 40 who was able to "get in" at "Fords." (And I still live in Michigan).

Terry Newman

I recently heard from a former Ford employee, that Ford Motor Company is doing the exact opposite due to lower stock prices. They are requiring their employees be at their desks (not just in their building) for a major portion of each work day. I guess at Ford physical attendance = productivity.

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