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As of yet, Kansas City does not have a viable light rail plan in place. It has been endlessly debated over the past few years, but no action has been taken. The public transportation system here is laughable.

Terry Newman

Having moved from crowded LA to a suburban-rural environment, I have no intentions of moving to another hi-density area. If everyone in suburbia moves to an urban area, all buildings would have to be as tall as the empire state building to house everyone.
However, when I get to a poing where I can no longer drive, then the city is for me!


From what I've read on the subject, the trend towards urban living is being driven by people both young and "old" who are not encumbered with children. I have two young children, so personally, I would never consider moving to an urban environment or even to a high density suburban environment while my kids are at home. I want my kids to have wide open green spaces and a backyard not being shared with a dozen other families.

That being said, when I become an empty nester, I can see my wife and I buying a nice place in Boston and enjoying all the benefits city life provides, icluding access to top notch healthcare, entertainment, and shopping.

Here is a link to a great article on this subject from The Atlantic.

Phil Houseal

Here is the solution for getting the public to embrace light rail - install roller coasters between communities! People line up and pay to ride those things, and they end up exactly where they began. How much more fun to get somewhere!

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