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According to the national associations for my social science field (which is dominated by females in grad school) most women end up working outside of research. This is not because it is not "preferred", however ill defined that term is, but because they are less successful at landing the most competitive jobs, despite equal qualifications. Only about 10 percent of the jobs are tenure-track jobs at research universities; and, those highly sought after jobs are subject to a whole lot of cronyism.

So what you are saying in this trite post is true of most fields, and says nothing of who prefers science, math, engineering and tech fields - or who has an aptitude.

Fields that require strong mentorship and funding to attend will always be more vulnerable to biases. Government funds try to address that but ultimately the bigger battle is to make people (like yourself) educate themselves about the larger social issues.
No one is pushing smart boys out of college. College smart boys are not a historically disgruntled cohort of people.

And to the tea-party person (@MaryAnn) who thinks there are clear tenets to the tea party, I will say this:

There are always moral overtones and glaring racist problems with who it is that you think is taking a "free lunch". People want what they have earned and paid into. No one wants a bureaucracy but it's better than you lot.

The problem comes when it comes to *how* money should be spent. I don't mind my tax dollars funding someone else's kid through the first years of college. Someday that person might cure a disease I contract - and no, it won't be because god hates me. There are serious gender and race problems in this country, and your party's ideology isn't helping. Do I trust men to research erectile disfunction with all deliberate speed and leave breast cancer floundering? Yes I do. Do do I want women in the sciences? Yup, I think we need diversity - not should have it, but really need it.

What I do mind is someone using their religion to tell me how my tax dollars can't be used, like NPR (which if listened to, might inadvertently give you real insight more plausible explanations for gender disparities and/or real science tech, engineering, math [STEM] issues).

To add insult, the TP think they should have say in how my *after* tax money should be used and what they think my medical insurance should or shouldn't pay for. As if that was anyone's business. I earned it, I bought it, I paid for it. I pay for oversight, I want it. It's the role of government. Only corporate kissups would want to be without it.

The TP constraints (and it is always about constraints - not opportunity or freedom or innovation or even any kind of economics any economist recognizes) are a thinly veiled moral agenda that has little or nothing to do with me, and what I have earned, not taken. No one is taking anything from you. And when your party stops terrorizing Muslim Americans, the rest of us will stop calling you racist.

google: 'hate comes to orange county' and see what your party is.

William Draves

Thanks for your comment Marla. Would eagerly await your data and evidence on cultural conditioning, etc.

For example, 74% of new veterinarians are women. Why did sexism stop women from becoming engineers, but not vets?

The "Julie in the kitchen" photo is posted with the story about Gen Y driving, not the STEM story.

Marla Riley

This is a simplistic post about a complex topic. There are many factors that play into girls and young women not going into STEM, including cultural conditioning, institutionalized sexism, unwelcoming work environments, lack of promotion, etc. It's too easy to chalk it up to "girls don't want to." One key question should be, "Why don't girls and women want to?" Issues of "choice" are not always clear cut for women when full equality has still not been achieved. Also, that's an odd photo choice for a post about women and STEM -- Julie in the kitchen.

Mary Ann

You are so off base on the tea party comments. Times may change but human nature does not. The tea party and what it stands for is very plain and simple. Stop spending our money. Have a balanced budget. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Our congress and senate had us well on our way to European-style socialism. We need to stop that so that the individual has more of the money from the fruits of his labor (or ingenuity) to do what he/she wants to do. For me, everything else you wrote is discredited after reading what your wrote about the tea party.


Citation for the claim that 75% of STEM female graduates end up in teaching? You mention it's from the CHE - not the most reputable of sources IMHO. Do they have a credible source for the assertion?

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