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William Draves

Terry, good observation. Teachers spend only about 55% of their work time in the classroom, according to a study by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

Rich Antcliff

When students decide they just want a quality education and are not worried about a "college experience", they will figure out that all the coursework they need is already online. Now how are employers going to react to someone self-taught? Is testing up to the challenge?

Draves' reply: Rich, good thoughts. Employers do have some reticence about self study, even online universities, However, the greater problem employers like myself have now is that GPA is practically meaningless, since too many students get high GPA just for showing up in class. Moving to test scores will actually enhance employer confidence in evaluating new employee academic competence.

Terry Newman

I'm sure there is an entire side of this that I don't know about. However, it seems that if we get the faculty out of their offices and back into the classroom (instead of having their teaching assistants doing the instruction) we could save a lot of money there.

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